The New Facebook Messages
The New Facebook Messages

Notice anything new lately with Facebook and the way you communicate privately? Just when you think Facebook has done it all, they continue to change the way we communicate in their day to day lives and separate themselves further and further from their “competition.” Recently, Facebook has launched what they are calling The New Messages. Just when you think you have a handle on all this Facebook stuff, huh?!

The new messaging system will be rolling out gradually and you will be prompted when the feature is available to you. The new Facebook messaging system allows you to receive Facebook message, Facebook chats and text message all in one central location. Along with this new feature comes your very own optional Facebook email address. My Facebook email address is – feel free to send me an email! Within the privacy settings on Facebook you can also control who is allowed to send you messages.

Often times when communicating with my friends and family, I will email, text AND send them messages on Facebook. Before this left me know real way of remembering which platform I used to have a particular conversation in the event I needed to refer back to the conversation. By Facebook streamlining their messaging system and chat feature with our email and text messages you can now view a full history timeline of the conversations you have with one another.

My favorite new asset to the messaging system is the Facebook “Send” button, similar to the “Like” button you see on many blogs and websites (See image below). Now you can easily send a link to a post to your friends or groups on Facebook – still streamlining your conversation in one area!

Facebook Send Button

Facebook Send Button

Facebook has set up a help center answering many questions about the new messaging and email features here:

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