3 Compliments Your Website Offers to SM
3 Compliments Your Website Offers to SM

Your website should be the hub of all your marketing efforts.


1. Better statistics tracking of ALL aspects of marketing.

Hopefully you are using some sort of analytics program to observe your website traffic. Personally, I use Google Analytics – it is FREE and works great for most small to medium sized companies. Try using different domain names (all pointing to your website) for each campaign you are running to accurately gauge the traffic to your website resulting in a particular campaign.

My favorite case study utilizing this tactics is Dish Network of Michigan. Dish Network of Michigan took billboard ads out all over South East Michigan in order to increase their web sales.The billboards were simply black and white and said very largely “I hate my cable.com”.

Dish Network of Michigan received so much attention from these billboards that their website temporarily crashed, shortly after launching the campaign, because they did not have enough bandwidth to hold all of the website visitors. This problem was quickly fixed and Dish Network happily wrote the billboard company their check for the next several months because they were able to see exactly how many visitors came to their website due to this campaign and how many of those visitors turned into customers. Not to mention, by gathering the correct data upon visiting the website (lead capturing) anyone who did not become a customer was still entered into their marketing database to market back to.

2. Capture important lead data that you cannot gather via social media.

Set up a lead capturing form when visitors come to your website so that you have the information you need to stay in front
of them. When asking for someone’s name and email address it is best to offer them a free download or appealing offer of some sort. This will give you a higher opt in percentage.

“You should live and die by your email database.” – Chris Brogan

I had the opportunity to hear Chris Brogan speak at an event put on by LinkedOC held at Oakley Headquarters. When he said these words, I realized that I better make sure I have the proper lead capture in place on my website. Now when you arrive to my website an opt in form will appear offer a free excerpt from a workbook of mine, before hearing Chris Brogan say this I only had a little form on my side bar which returned very low opt in rates. (* My quote may not be exact word for word – it was recalled from memory)

3. More control and influence of the conversation (the home field advantage).

Social media allows us to have an outlet to aggregate our content and create a conversation around it. However, if we can bring interested parties back to our website to carry out the conversation this will, offer several benefits. For starters, with less outsider influence, we can keep the conversation in our control; think of it as having the “home field” advantage. Bringing the conversation back to our website allows us to increase our user engagement activity and gather important lead data. Also, keeping someone on your website will increase overall brand awareness.

This is a small excerpt from my upcoming workshop entitled, Social Media Optimization.

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