Mobilize Your Website in 3 Steps.
Mobilize Your Website in 3 Steps.

I think it is safe to say that mobile marketing will become more advance and really explode in 2011. Mashable recently posted an article stating that 40% of Tweets sent out come from a mobile device. True story! Have you tried viewing your website on a mobile device? If not set up properly, your website can be very difficult for the end viewer to navigate around leading them to just hit that big red “X” in the corner … never to come back again. Ouch.

If you have no technical knowledge and want to get mobilizin’ ASAP then follow these steps:

1. Go to and purchase your domain name with the extension .mobi (Purchase your domain name for 5 years, not 1 year. This helps with SEO. Search engines want to see that you are serious about keeping your website and business around for more than one year.)

2.  Tell GoDaddy which site to “mobilize” and they will automatically convert your website to be mobile friendly. Please note I have only seen GoDaddy do this, other companies such as Network Solutions want you to do the programming yourself. Ew! That cost time and money. If you have trouble with this step talk toGoDaddy customer support.

3. You are good to go! When anyone tries to access your website through a mobile device then your mobile website will automatically be pulled up and make for easy viewing!

Don’t wait to do this!

Photo Credit: Robert Scoble

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